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We love to talk. Especially about Plugin.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write us at connect@pluginheatclub.com.

For company events, please send a message at booking@pluginheatclub.com.

We encourage you to check the FAQ for swift answers!


Can I buy a single ticket?

Yes! Go to our tickets & membership page under "core events" and get started right away!

Am I too old or too young to Join Plugin?

Your age doesn't matter. If you are intrigued by the Plugin Community give it a go. We usually say that "age dissolves" when you dive head first into the world of Plugin.

What is the binding period as a member?

The class pass or single tickets comes with no binding.The membership comes with a binding of the current month + 1 month.

How do I become a Plugin facilitator?

If you wish to become a Plugin Facilitator you can send an application to connect@weareplugin.com with your experience, attached with photos/videos and your motivation to contribute to the Plugin Community.

Looking for something more specific?

Kom i kontakt med den rette person med det samme!

Hjalte Emilio Wieth
CEO & Facilitator
Julie Emilia Wieth
Co-founder & Executive Assistant
Loui Bredahl
General Manager & Facilitator
Jeppe Wrede
Facilitator & Content Creator
Pernille Hansen
Facilitator & Team Coach

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